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closingWelcome to the New Jersey Land Title Institute Online Course page.

The Institute stands for the highest principles of professionalism and consumer protection, advocating for the safe and efficient transfer of real property. Our unwavering focus on the education needs of the title industry, as well as the public, ensures real estate transactions in New Jersey will be completed by consummate professionals who will provide accurate searches, promote fair and professional closings, and offer important insurance coverage.


The entire selection of continuing education courses in our catalog has been approved by the Department of Banking and Insurance. Courses range from 1 to 4 credits. Once completed, your credits will be reported for you and your certificate of completion and transcript will be available for you to print for your records.


Take your time and look over the courses offered. If you have any questions, just let us know and we will be happy to respond as quickly as possible.


Accept Credit Cards Online
NJLTI only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD and the charge will show up as Learntitle on your bill.

Courses are designed to work in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.  Any other browser may cause intermittent results.

New Jersey Land Title Institute(NJLTI) maintains this site in a commercially reasonable manner and transmits records of successfully completed courses to the New Jersey Department of Insurance monthly. However, computer and/or data system errors or failures may occur. NJLTI assumes no liability for these errors or failures and does not guarantee the successful transmission of your course credits to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI). Students are encouraged to check with the DOBI to make sure they are properly credited for the courses they have taken online. If a student discovers a course has not been credited, they should contact NJLTI immediately. While NJLTI can not guarantee the lost information can be retrieved, it will permit the student to re-take the course at no fee. NJLTI assumes no liability in the event a student's license renewal is delayed or denied due to the failure of the DOBI to receive notice of a successfully completed course on this site.

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